Lead length on OHMITE AZ101KE

First time posting on this forum. I am planning to order about 25 of the OHMITE AZ101KE PulsEater resistors. The datasheet says the length of the leads from the body of the component is 16.7mm. Typically, the lead length on these that we’ve ordered in the past and still have in stock extend about 26mm from the body of the resistor. In the application that I use the resistors in, the 26mm lead length is essential. Should I worry that the lead length may be different than the resistors that I currently have? Thanks!

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Is the lead length of 26mm essential because of the hole spacing on the PCB? The body of AZ101KE is 30mm and the spacing of the leads in 27mm. If the spacing of 26mm is needed to reach the holes, this part should be fine.

Thank you for the reply. I am not using the AZ101KE in a through-hole application. I form the leads to make a mechanical connection to another AZ101KE in a test fixturing application. My concern was that if the leads were the length that is specified on the datasheet, I would probably have a much more difficult time making it work. See attached pic.

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Thanks, Brian