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Devices in the LED driver PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) family are used to supply a current flow of controlled value to a load, typically a Light Emitting Diode, from a power source having a nominally fixed voltage. Key differentiators from the very similar products designed for voltage regulation include a characteristically lower feedback voltage (to improve system efficiency) and high prevalence of provisions for external control of the device’s operating point, used to implement dimming functions in lighting applications.


Type: Defines the primary construction style of the device, indicating which type of part it is and determining its general usage.

Topology: The internal circuit configuration of the device, determining characteristics of its behavior and functionality.

Internal Switch(s): Indicates whether or not a device integrates the power transistor(s) needed for manipulation of the power source a device is intended to control.

Number of Outputs: Indicates the number of output circuits provided.

Voltage - Supply (Min): The minimum supply voltage required for proper device operation.

Voltage - Supply (Max): The maximum supply voltage the device can tolerate without risking damage.

Voltage - Output: Typically given as a range, this indicates the maximum and minimum voltage levels the part is capable of producing on its output side.

Current - Output / Channel: Typically this indicates the maximum current an output channel can provide.

Frequency: Indicates the device’s operating or switching frequency range.

Dimming: Indicates if a device includes provisions for varying the electrical output delivered to a load in an end application. May also describe the means by which a desired output set point is communicated to a device.

Applications: Application is the type of equipment or environment the device will be used in, they are tested and typically rated by a third party to ensure certain minimum standards for the application they are intended for. You could use one with a higher rating, but you cannot use one with a lower rating as it will fail in that application. For example, you could use a medically rated device to replace a commercial device, but you cannot replace the medical device with the commercial device.

Operating Temperature: Recommended operating temperature, typically given in a range or as a maximum. Exceeding these temperatures may affect performance or damage the device and other system components.

Mounting Type: Indicates how the device is attached.

Package / Case: Indicates the type of protective case used on an electronic component to allow easy handling, installation, and protection. This selection was determined to be the closest industry standard applicable to the suppliers device packaging. Typically it is best to check the actual dimensions from the datasheet rather than depend on this terminology when designing your circuit.

Supplier Device Package: This is what the manufacturer calls the package of this device. They are manufacturer specific. It is typically best to use the actual dimensions from the datasheets rather than to go by this terminology when designing your circuit.



DIGI-KEY PART # 296-24383-5-ND
MANUFACTURER Texas Instruments
DESCRIPTION LED Driver IC 8 Output Linear Shift Register Dimming 120mA 16-PDIP


DIGI-KEY PART # MAX1554ETA+TTR-ND - Tape & Reel (TR)
MANUFACTURER Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated
DESCRIPTION LED Driver IC 1 Output DC DC Regulator Step-Up (Boost) Analog, PWM Dimming 970mA (Switch) 8-TDFN (3x3)


DIGI-KEY PART # BCR420UW6-7DITR-ND - Tape & Reel (TR)
MANUFACTURER Diodes Incorporated
DESCRIPTION LED Driver IC 1 Output Linear PWM Dimming 350mA SOT-26


DIGI-KEY PART # 2521-IS31FL3193-DLS2-TR-ND - Tape & Reel (TR)
MANUFACTURER Lumissil Microsystems
DESCRIPTION LED Driver IC 3 Output Linear Dimming 42mA 10-DFN (3x3)


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