LG Power Board Capacitor identification


I have an LG TV power board (modelLGP6065L-16UL6) to fix which you can see has an exploded capacitor. In this case the capacitor markings are gone, so I’m trying to determine the proper replacement.

Could someone help me find the proper capacitor for replacement?

Thanks in advance,


Hi skeiser

Unfortunately, without knowing the capacitance or voltage values for this part, I am not able to assist with a replacement.

You could try to contact LG for more information or someone who does repair for TV power boards.

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Thanks, yeah this is kind of what I thought. I do see people selling replacement boards online, but I cannot see the markings on those boards. I’ll see if I can find a schematic for that board or ask a seller if they can send me a picture of that capacitor. :wink:

Capacitor in question is circled below…

hello @skeiser

We cannot tell off of the photo you have posted what the part’s values would be. Like Becky_1523 said we will need the capacitance and voltage values in order to find the correct part for you.