Link new keyfob to receiver

I purchased a second keyfob FOBLOQA-4T4-ND and have tried to pair it to the receiver and it wont pair. The receiver clicks continuously when I short the learn pins but does nothing when I hit a button on the new keyfob. Have tried each of the buttons, but no luck. Tried multiple times but no luck. The receiver I purchased is FOBLOQF-4S4-ND. Please help!!

Hello @randyrrmail,
Have you tried replacing the CR2032 battery in the new keyfob? Is your original keyfob still working? Another option would be to try erasing all the existing transmitters and then re-pair all your keyfobs.

Hi randyrrmail,

The FOBLOQA-4T4-ND is not compatible with the FOBLOQF-4S4-ND. The FOBLOQF-4S4-ND uses an FM radio (note the “F” after the “Q” in the part number), whereas the FOBLOQA-4T4-ND uses an AM radio.

The FOBLOQF-4T4-ND would be the compatible equivalent. Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock on that model. If you could get by with only one or two buttons rather than 4, we do have a few of the FOBLOQF-4T1-ND single channel and FOBLOQF-4T2-ND dual channel models available.

One other suboptimal option: we do have stock on the FOBLOQF-4S4-ND itself, which includes one FOBLOQF-4T4-ND along with another receiver relay box.

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That would explain why this is not working but is very unfortunate. If you look on your web site for the Keyfob I purchased (FOBLOQA-4T4-ND) the description at the top states FM and the frequency is the same. Given this I would like to return the remote for a full refund including shipping. How do I proceed?

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This should walk you through the process.

Hi @randyrrmail ,

I did submit a request to have our website product page updated. Following above instructions, Digi-Key will send/email you a pre-paid return label for the package. Regarding non-stocking FOBLOQF-4T4-ND, You may want to order through the manufacturer directly if you need the 4 button version.