Load Cell Amplifier with Lowest latency possible

Hi Everyone,
I’m looking for a Load Cell Amplifier with least possible Delay in Outputs, I’ve tried with HX711, and Few Analog ones Locally manufactured. They work as described, but there is a noticeable Lag, Delay in change of Readings.
The Latter worked very well, but the Low rate of Update Isn’t allowable at all,

The Sps Needed are 120+, and Delay must be Minimum. If you have any good Load_Cell_Amplifiers in knowledge
Any leads would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Tanmay M.

Hi Tanmay,

Are you looking for just an amplifier or the whole acquisition system, that is, bridge bias, amplifier, A/D-converter and digital up-link?

The lag may depend on the load cell’s response time, amplifier’s bandwidth and A/D converter’s sampling rate.
I guess in HX711 case the limiting factor was the sampling rate. You wrote that you have tried some analog amplifiers too.
How did you measure the lag with them?

Finest Regards,
Heke, AsamaLab