Logic board part identification pulled from imac

Can someone help me identify the values of the circled resistor and capacitor?. I believe they are both package type 1005/0402(imperial/metric)


The parts have no part markings to indicate the value so you will need to see if there is a parts listing for your board.

Hi if you had to make an educated guess what would it be?

the chip is a Macronix Nor Flash, that’s not recommended for new design, and we do not have stock.
The orange/brown device on top might be a 100nF Ceramic Capacitor, but it’s just a guess, especially the Value. 100nF is quite normal next to any IC, but who knows what it really is.
The Black on the left, I would guess is a Resistor. And I guess it has the same Value as the one top left of it.
I would further guess it’s a PullUp. But I wouldn’t dare to give any guess for a Value here other than somewhere in the kOhms.
Hope this helps.