Looking for a Plug to fit 20 blade connector on CNC PCB


Hi- I pasted a picture below of a connector on a pcb in my Mori Seiki CNC lathe cabinet. I need this plug to pull some additional signals from a few of these blades. The connector in the picture is about .58 wide with an inside dimension measuring inside the guide tabs of around .400. The length is 1.90" high outside to outside and the pitch between the two rows of blades is about .196 - 4mm and a center to center dimension from blade to blade in each row is about .118 -3mm. I haven’t been able to cross this - and do not know the mfr. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Just looking at it I am thinking TE and a plug like A29436-ND

The pitch measurements seem a little off from you have though. Overall length and width seem correct. You can double check them with the data sheet here.

P.S. That is just the housing you would also need contacts Here