Looking for a replacement switch for a Game Boy Advance SP's shoulder buttons

I have a couple Game Boy Advance SPs that are in need of repair. I currently have everything I need, except the shoulder switches.

I did try searching here on Digi-Key, but I’m not really sure what I should be searching for (and I honestly haven’t used the site much when I don’t already have a model number for a part), so I didn’t have any luck finding anything…

I found these ones on Amazon, but I don’t want to pay almost $10 CAD for two switches if I don’t absolutely have to

I found what look to be the same ones as the Amazon switches on AliExpress for $0.33 CAD per switch. Even including the $3.24 in shipping, I could get 19 of them for the same price as two from Amazon, but shipping is estimated at two months…

As a side note, I was linked to some TE Connectivity switches here on Digi-Key (manufacturer part number 1825027-8, Digi-Key part number 450-1657-ND) that work for a regular GBA, but even if the pin spacing is the same, they would be upside-down if used on an SP. This orientation is all I’ve been able to find, but I need the exact opposite (wider pins on top for the SP vs on the bottom for the regular GBA)

Anybody here have any suggestions?

I have looked at the switches that we have in our system, but I am not seeing that we have a switch that matches the original board mount for the switch. The switches that you have linked have a board mount support to the side of the switch, instead of being behind the switch.