Looking for AD/DA converter


I am looking for a replacement AD/DA system (daqNet Acoustic Data Conversion System: https://www.abaco.com/products/daqnet/p2028).

The daqNet is unfortunately no longer available for purchase, and I am researching replacement options. Can anyone recommend a product configuration? I reached out to DigiKey sales, but they suggested I ask here…

System Details:
32 analog audio channels in
16 digital audio channels in
8 analog audio channels out
6 digital audio channels out
596.44kHz sampling rate
100 mV RMS to 3.55 V RMS (5 V Peak) input range
3.55 Volts RMS (5 V Peak) output range
85 dB dynamic range on digital outputs

The number of I/O channels is high, I’m very willing to consider multiple products if needed.

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!

Hello serena.cassell, welcome to the Forum community! Do you have a part number or datasheet on this part that you are looking to substitute?

No, I’m looking for suggestions for systems to replace the daqnet that I have. I don’t have any DigiKey products.

I was looking for a part number or datasheet on your daqnet part, I wasn’t able to find it on the manufacturer’s website.

I’m sorry, serena, I didn’t find anythiing close to your specifications. The Forum is monitored by our Engineers, so one of my colleagues may find an option for you.


I believe we have the daqNet-109… This is the datasheet I found for the daqNet:
E11343K_HardwareReferenceManual.pdf (873.3 KB)

Hello @serena.cassell,

The daqNet appears to be a highly specialized and capable piece of test equipment. Unfortunately, it appears to be obsolete with no direct replacement.

May I recommend:

Please consult the applications engineers at the respective companies. I suspect software integration will be an important consideration for your application.

Also, please keep DigiKey in mind as we do sell select ETUS and NI DAQ components.

Best wishes,