Looking for equivalent for FHP20N40 MOSFET

I’m looking for an equivalent, or higher current capable MOSFET to replace one that burned out on a cheap Chinese inverter. I’ll probably replace all of them if I can find suitable part.
Part number on it is FHP20N40


The IRF740 is another alternative to the FHP20N40. It is also an N-Channel MOSFET with a maximum drain-source voltage (VDS) of 400V and a maximum drain current (ID) of 10A.

Compared to the FHP20N40, the IRF740 has a lower maximum drain current, which means it can handle lower current levels. However, it still may be suitable for your application, depending on the specific requirements of your circuit.

Again, I would advise you to thoroughly verify that the IRF740 is compatible with your circuit, including its voltage and current ratings, as well as its RDS(ON) and package dimensions.

Other options can be IRF540N and BUK95150-55A.

It’s important to carefully consider all the relevant specifications and make sure the replacement part meets your needs and doesn’t cause any unexpected problems in your system.

These are a variety of options that would appear to have dynamic properties in the same ballpark and similar/better base specs.

Please note that when such a device fails, it’s often because of or the cause of failures elsewhere that are less obvious.

ID is a notoriously misleading/non-intuitive spec among FETs as described here. It is perhaps best ignored in consideration of other device specifications.

The VGS (max) rating of both would seem substantially less than the 400V of the reference device; as such they would be unsuitable.