Looking for equivalent photodiode to SHARP BS520

Hello I’m looking for an equivalent photodiode to the SHARP BS520 photodiode which was discontinued a little while ago. Digi-Key Part Number

Link: BS520 Sharp Microelectronics | Sensors, Transducers | DigiKey


How much flexibility exists in your concept of “equivalent”? It seems that might be a tough part to find a close alternative for even in times of more normative supply levels.

VTB8441BH looks like it might be in a similar ballpark in terms of electro-optical specs. Given further info on your specific care-abouts, some other other options may surface.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’m just looking for something with similar electro-optical and form factor specs. Do you know how much the electro-optical specs of the VTB8441BH differ with the original?

Detailed information on the products’ characteristics can be found in their respective datasheets. If you have specific questions regarding the interpretation of such, feel free to ask.