Looking for round sockets to accept square pins

I’m looking for through-hole, milled DIP or SIP 0.1" spaced sockets that will accept 0.024 inch square pins. The pictured assembly is populated from a bag of sockets I got somewhere, maybe 10 years ago. It’s running out and I can’t find equivalents.

The holes need to be around .032" to .034" diameter to take the diagonal dimension of the square pins. The datasheets don’t always show that dimension. When they do show it, it’s always too small, which makes sense for accepting round pins, but doesn’t help me. My mating pins are square DIP pins from an outside module.

I’ve taken a chance on a couple of parts that don’t show the hole diameter: SAM8963-ND and SAM1117-32-ND. Both are too small. I can build with leaf-spring sockets but I think they corrode over time. The milled sockets hold up nicely.

Can the forum point me to a high quality milled socket for 0.024" square pins?

Hello Islarry86,
Thank you for contacting us.
I did find a possible Series that might work for you. They will be from the manufacturer Preci-Dip Example part number 1212-1230-ND
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Here is a Link to the Manufacturer site also stating some information.

according to the data sheet these will accept a Mating Pin diameter of 0.70-0.90mm, 0.635mm
this translates to 0.27" - 0.35", square pins 0.025"
Here are a couple snips from the Data sheet.

Please take a look at these and see if they will work for you.
Any Questions Please let me know.

Thanks, Paul. I’ve put one in my cart and will get it on my next order.