Looking for specific product > ATS024T-W050


I am looking for this power Adapter but with specific 4 prong end piece, I can only seem to find the barrel version everywhere. its a power adapter for Raritan DKX4-101 unite

Power adapter model # ATS024T-W050

picture of Specific 4 prong end piece:

And a picture of the female end it plugs into:

I am trying to find somehwere to buy this, I need 2 of them.


Your connector looks like it’s a Molex Microfit line, similar to this pre-made cable:

2451320405 Molex | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey

Unfortunately I’m not seeing that we have any power supplies available with a matching connector installed.

FYI I found a part on DIGIKEY to convert normal barrel 2.1mm adapter to the 4-pin i need!


That’s great! However, I would recommend that you verify that the pinout is what you need, as I don’t think there is a universal standard for this.

Here’s the pinout shown in the datasheet: