Looking for the crimp on terminals for PVP Series switches

There are a variety of switch sockets like PVP3SD3 E-Switch | Switches | DigiKey that use a crimp on terminal to latch the wire into the socket. I would like to fully populate some sockets that did not come completely populated. I have bought a number of terminals that are close but they have been to large. The ones in these are 2.1mm high and 3.6mm wide. They have a latch on the back to lock them in.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Hello eriko, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The PVP series sockets appear to be all pre-loaded with contacts. Either with wire leads, or with solder terminals. The datasheet does not list the contacts as a separate part. They do not appear to offer an empty housings and contacts separately. The only option may be to purchase some sockets, and see if you can remove the contacts and place them in your connectors.

That is what I am doing but somewhere out there exists the original part. One day I will find the right one.

Thanks for a bit of confirmation though.