Looking for the right capacitors

i am trying to find the right caps for the radio I’m repairing but the thing is is i cant find them i need a 30uf 150 volt non polarized and a 50uf 150 volt non polarized capacitors and all the ones i can find are polar and if I’m thinking right that means polarized

Can you post a picture of the ones you’re trying to replace? Or at least give some measurements? That will make finding the correct replacements a lot easier.


its a 2 section cap 3in long 1in wide

I do not see that we have a capacitor that is 2 sections with the values that you are looking for.

it doesn’t have to be a 2 section cap it can be 2 regular caps but the only ones i could find are polarized from what i can tell

Can you share a photo of the capacitor?

Multi-section capacitors are not as popular as they once were, and trying to find direct replacements for old units is often a lost cause.

The film caps linked above are what’s in stock at the requested values; if it’s non-polar you need, those would be the ones to choose from.

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