Looking to identify a part

Looking to identify a part: it is labled HP3/4N. All my searches comes up with nothing. It has w pins soldered to the board. See attached picture.

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That appears to be a crystal oscillator.

Can you share the part number for the 16-pin IC immediately above the device in question. Assuming it’s a microcontroller, we may be able to narrow down the options.

It would also be useful to know the size of the can along with the number of wires and the wire spacing.

Looking for your response.

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Ref: Crystals | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

The IC is part# TA8637BPG 649KA1

The can looks like it is 11x6 mm And has 4 pins about 3 mm spacing

Loren R. West Jr.

Hello Loren,

Your question just became an order of magnitude more complex.

The Toshiba TA8637BP is a specialized modulator IC for use in VCRs. Near as I can tell, the "can: in questions is filter of some type.

To my knowledge DigiKey does not offer products such as the modulator or the filter. This circuitry is highly specialized technology from another era.

Recommend you attempt to locate a doner unit on one of the online auctions. I suspect this will be very difficult akin to finding an 8-track player.

Sorry, I couldn’t offer better assistance.