Lowest possible inductance hook-up wire


I work in a photonics lab and we have been having problems hitting the voltage compliance with one of our new diode laser drivers. I am looking for the lowest inductance hook-up wire possible. The wire need not be more than a few cm long. I would need one end of the wire female and one end male.


if you have more than one cable twisted cable helps with impedance. like

Hello carpenter.1128,

Could you tell us more about your application? Perhaps you could include a picture or dimensions for the LED and associated driver.

My instinct is to recommend a direct solder connection whenever possible. As for wire, use wide (flat) strips of copper. Unfortunately, without more information I am unable to offer further assistance.

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The information you provided is not enough to provide you with the most precise and accurate reply, but, I would suggest using the microstrip transmission line. If you are a beginner, then it would be difficult for you to fabricate it. On the other hand, if you are still interested, I must tell you that this is the lowest inductance option for you.
Other options for low inductance are low inductance cables, coaxial cables, and twisted pair cables. (I hope you know some of these).