Mangoh yellow

Hello I had bought a mangoh yellow buts its not connecting to octave saying its unknown serial number and unknown IMEI number. I checked multiple times buts in not connecting.

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mangoh yellow


Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Forum. Well I found a forum for the Product. Here is what they stated:
Your Yellow comes with a SIM built into the module.
Please do not install external sim if you want to connect to Octave.
So do the following:
a. remove the external sim
b. Power cycle
c. Wait for around 30 mts
d. check website
e. you should see everything
f. then go update the yellow firmware available on the mangoh website.

This is what was suggested on their Forum to fix the issue. Their are multiple things on the Mangoh forum, but this appears to be the first thing to try.

I haven’t put a external sim inside yet should I just update the firmware?

I would try that first and see if it helps.