Mating Connectors?


Can someone find mating connectors for the following two connectors? See images sixteen-pin connector, and twenty-pin connector.


Sam, I cannot open up the links. Is there part numbers on your connectors?

Does this help? We don’t have a part number.

Are there any markings at all on the connectors?

Unfortunately there are no markings or letters/numbers at all. The device is from Ford Think EV (glorified golf cart made by Ford). Here are pictures of the receptacles.

Hello @schristy ,

Thank you for contacting DigiKey TechForum. Unfortunately I do not see we carry either the 16 or 20 position. You may have better luck searching on Ebay.


If you could measure the contact pitch that might help to narrow down the options. For an accurate measurement, measure the center-to-center distance from first to last pin in one of the rows and then divide by 7 (7 spaces between pins). This should give a fairly accurate pitch measurement from which to help with your search. You can also measure the row spacing, though it will be harder to get a precise measurement there.