Need a mating connector

I’m trying to find a mating plug for this header. It looks a lot like these TE connectors but I’m not sure…the dimensions seem to be a bit off when I overlay the two:


Hello altc, thank you for your inquiry, but I’m not sure I can find you a mating connector using the specs of another series that isn’t exactly the same. Are you able to provide exact specs or photos of the connector you have?

@Josh_Lawrence The image I attached to the post is the connector I need to find a mating plug for. I was just noting that it’s similar to (but not identical, from what I can tell) the TE connector I linked to.

I don’t have the part yet, it’s in transit. It’s on a Winsen ZE14-O3 module:

I reached out to Winsen and they provided me with that dimensional drawing which they removed some key manufacturer information from. Unfortunately, that’s all they’d provide.

Here’s an image of what the connector should look like when I receive the module.


Thank you. The first spec I’d like to confirm is the contact pitch of the header. Is it the same as the TE series datasheet you posted above? What are the differences between yours and that TE series?
I found another similar-looking option, and it has the same 1.25mm pitch: 2057-125SH-A-07-TS-ND
Its datasheet can be found here: Adam Tech

Thanks @Josh_Lawrence. I mocked up a quick comparison of the TE, Adam Tech, and the Winsen-provided headers. They’re really close and obviously there’s tolerances to these drawings but there are a few differences between the TE/Adam headers and the Winsen-provided header that make me wonder if they’re compatible.

First: the pins on the Winsen seem significantly longer.
Second: the row of Winsen pins seem to be aligned a hair closer to the centerline of the connector.
Third: The keying along the length of the connector on the Winsen seems to have a wider gap than the others.

I don’t typically compare headers this closely so perhaps these variances between the drawings are par for the course and they’re all in-fact the same/compatible.