I am trying to find out if this connector comes as a cable assembly of approximately 6 foot in length.
I have seen a few options but unsure which is the one I specifically need.


The indicated part number is a stand-alone connector. The cable assemblies we list that incorporate 51-position micro-D style connectors can be found here.

Hi @jroldan972! The longest stocking option I see in our system is 3’ (for example:

If you are ok with handling a back order, you can take a look at these options: Click Here for 6’ long options.

HI Lindsay… I went ahead an ordered the 3’ cables you had in stock - MDM-51PH006B-F222
. But I wanted to ask you if you had any knowledge of who can construct/build this cable with a MDM-51SH006B-F222 on the other end of the cable. Any info you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!

I can certainly check on this. What type of quantity are you needing for the assembled cables?

I would say around 12 cables of 3’ long each. Each cable would have a MDM51 pin connector on one side and MDM51 socket connector on the other end. The connector can be either crimp or solder cup.

I heard back from the product manager:

“No, ITT Cannon would not do something like this, they would need to go to an assembler/cable house like PEI-Genesis.”

Sorry I did not have better news on this one.