Mean Well NTS-250P-124 AC inverter mounting

Is there standard way to mount this AC inverter? It has an exposed circuit board on the bottom face with protruding leads. I want to mount it to a metal backplane without creating a custom enclosure. Also is there a supplier of an off-the-shelf pigtail cable for AC output, CN500, or Remote on/off, CN301, both of which use JST connectors? Thank you.


The typical approach would be to use some standoffs and screws through the (4) mounting holes provided. Depending on clearances, a sheet of insulting material might also be interposed between the exposed PCB and any nearby conductive surfaces.

As with any other open-frame converter, it’s intended for integration within an outer enclosure that provides protection from accidental contact. There aren’t many cases where skipping the enclosure part is advisable…

The Jumper Wires, Pre-Crimped Leads family contains our offerings of pre-crimped leads for various connector types, JST and otherwise. One can pair the required number with a suitable housing to assemble cabling to one’s tastes. XHP-2 & XH series jumpers would seem to do the trick in one instance, VHR-6N & VH series jumpers the other.