Cable cover for AC power supply

We have multiple ac power supplies like the 1866-3337-ND.
The AC and DC cables attach via the screw connection. But this specific model does not have the plastic cover that protects those screw connections from being touched by a human accidentally. For example int he photo for this power supply you can see the cable connection cover I am speaking about 1470-LCW15US48-ND

Can you help me find just the cover that I can add to our exciting supplies?

Thank you very much

Hello Stephan!

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I was able to locate this product that may work in your case here: WM23148-ND

0387736410 Molex | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

However, I’m unsure if what you have is 10 positions or not, are you able to confirm how many positions your barrier block/ terminal strip has?

you think these will work with 1866-3337-ND and 1866-3319-ND.
I am asking because it seems WM23148-ND has little white plastic taps that somehow need to connect to the black terminal of the power supply inputs, but it seems these power supplies do not have space for it?

Here an image of how the specs sheet says the taps attach to the terminal block

maybe 281-4163-ND or 277-15067-ND are better?
but I am unsure about the dimensions and it seems they come in 20m lengths?

Hi @stephan ,

For 7 position cover, please reivew datasheet 1866-4907-ND

For 9 position cover, please review datasheet 1866-4909-ND

There are also 5 position 1866-4906-ND, and 8 position 1866-4908-ND.

For wire terminals, please take a look at:
14-16awg spade terminal: 298-10664-ND
18-22awg spade terminal: 298-15694-ND

thanks for all those tips. I will order some sample and check.
281-4163-ND looks promising too but is expensive and seems to be 20m long ???
Do you sell shorter versions of this?

Hi @stephan,

Thanks for your reply.
The only other options are these, and work on specified Weidmüller parts.