Microchip MPLAB Supported Devices

The Microchip PIC family contains a large number of devices. This list expanded in the year 2016 when Microchip purchased Atmel. Today, popular AVR devices such as the ATmega and ATtiny are incorporated into MPLAB.

This can lead to some confusion as it’s not readily apparent which devices are supported by which programmer. For example, Microchip offers the low cost MPLAB SNAP DEBUGGER as shown in this picture. It’s important to know which devices are and are not supported.

To answer this question, microchip provides a Device Support matrix. The best place to find the information is on your C drive in the MPLAB folder as shown in the next picture. You may also be able to find the information here. However, the link may change or become outdated in the future.

At the time of this writing, the device support document is 74 pages long. Here is an example showing the tools that supporting the popular ATmega328p as featured on classic Arduino products.

Please note, Microchip’s SNAP Debugger does not work with UPDI/PDI and TPI based formerly Atmel AVR devices unless the R48 pull-down resistor is removed and a 1k to 10k pull-up resistor is installed between TVDD (J4-2) to TPGD/DAT(J4-4).

There is an Engineering Technical Note ETN36 on the subject, located here.

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