Snap Debugger Enclosure


Enclosure designed around Microchip’s new MPLAB® Snap in-circuit Debugger/Programmer, part number PG164100.
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The debugger is compatible with most AVR®, SAM Flash, dsPIC® and PIC® devices.
Designed to be compatible with ICSP and 2-wire JTAG, Also 4-wire JTAG, Serial Wire Debugging.

Available for MPLAB X version 5.05 or newer IDEs, the SNAP debugger’s host system requirements also include computers with an Available USB port on Microsoft Windows® 7 or later, Mac OSX® and Linux® operating systems.

For a list of devices supported by the MPLAB Snap debugger/programmer, It’s recommended to download the free fully featured MPLAB X 5.05 or later IDE and review the file located in the program’s installation directory called “Device Support.htm”.
Jumper wires and USB Cable not included.
Jumper wires pictured are SparkFun PN:PRT-10897

Otherwise, if female termination is desired on target device side PN: PRT-09140

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OH Snap (436.6 KB)

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