Microchip PIC16C781-I/P defective

I bought a non pre-programmed PIC16C781-I/P for a customer that needs to upload his custom firmware.
They tryed with the PRO MATE II programmer and the MPLAB IDE software, but they failed giving the error “Part Code Protected!”. Is it possible that the part sended is blocked or the part is already programmed?

Andrea Zanni

Hello, Andrea Zanni. Welcome to TechForum.

I have relayed this request to our Microchip team; when I hear back from them, I will update you with what I receive.

Thank You very much Matt.

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Hello again Andrea, and my apologies for the delay. I have received the following instructions from Microchip’s support team:

I am not familiar with this error code thus, I would need to confer with our internal team for more details. In the meantime, to decipher whether the part was pre-programmed, you can advise the customer to perform a program read operation. According to the datasheet, this should be possible despite the device being code protected.

How to read program memory
Simply select the “Program Read” icon from the toolbar. I have attached an image below for reference. The program memory tab should open in the output window in the low half of the interface. Select it to view what was read. You can also open this tab by selecting:

‘Window’ → ‘Target Memory Views’ → ‘Program Memory’


Would this be of assistance?