MMBT3906 vs. PMBT3906

One question that came up recently was the difference in Nexperia part MMBT3906 and PMBT3906. Since we were not able to find this information we contacted the manufacturer and were able to find that these parts do not have any differences between them and that it was actually a change in part numbering when bringing the old part numbers up to the new Nexperia part numbers.

Here is the information from the manufacturer.

Confirming they are the same specification and the same die. This is another case of “same silicon, new part number” like we’ve done for some of the FETs, to bring the old Philips part numbers up to Nexperia numbering standards The “P” stands for Philips, while the ‘M” stood for Motorola (before they split off) There is no technical difference.


Applicable Part Numbering

1727-2960-2-ND 1727-1885-2-ND 1727-2960-1-ND 1727-1885-1-ND 1727-2960-6-ND 1727-1885-6-ND 1727-2157-2-ND 1727-2157-1-ND 1727-2157-6-ND PMBT3906MB,315-ND PMBT3906,215 PMBT3906,235 PMBT3906M,315 PMBT3906MB,315 1727-5179-2-ND 1727-5179-1-ND 1727-5179-6-ND PMBT3906YS,115-ND PMBT3906VS,115 PMBT3906YS,115

1727-4045-2-ND MMBT3906VL-ND MMBT3906,215 MMBT3906VL

For further details on the parts see the specific data sheet on the product page. For more information on the part number see also: Nexperia part Endings