Molex 51004? Something else compatible?

This appears to be a Molex Microblade 51004 series connection (, but unfortunately if that is the case, it is obsolete (though the product that I have that has it is new).

The female connector is 8.85mm x 3.50mm, and the pitch is 2.0mm.
Ultimately what I am looking for is a preassembled cable with male on one end and female on the other, 4-6 inches long, to use as an extension for the existing system, but if I have to construct the cable, I could do that. It would just be easier to buy than build, becuase I expect that if I am successful with this, others will want it, and I may need to scale up.

take a look at the Micro clasp series
WM22842-ND see if this may work for you.

It could probably work for me if I was designing something of my own instead of trying to plug into an existing device - and hoping to market a shortcoming in the existing design. But I have to be able to plug and play in the existing connectors.