Molex Microfit Breaking

We have a 22 position header (430452201) where the locking tab is breaking off with minimal pull force. We are mating it to 430252200. Is there a known issue with these parts causing breakage? What is the solution to preventing breakage in the future?


I’m not seeing any info indicating known issues with yielding of the locking tab assembly specifically, though there is one indicating a change of resin source as of about October of '22, which might possibly be related.

In any case, page 5 of the product spec would seem to indicate that 58N (13lbf) is the standard for yield strength of the locking mechanism; if you’re measuring substantially less than that, it’d be non-conforming and something that would probably warrant a return for evaluation.

If you can do some sort of rudimentary testing to demonstrate the non-conformity in an objective manner, that would be helpful; there’s much less room for question if (for example) a person can state that 6 of 6 samples failed when trying to lift 8lb of frozen peas attached to the connector.

Assuming that things do indeed demonstrate non-conforming behavior, the online return request form can be used to start the RMA process, else calling/emailing customer service is still also an option.

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I cannot speak for Molex, however if you do need them stronger than the rated 58N/13lbf without changing out the connectors, a common hillbilly way to make most any plastics stronger is to spray them down with WD-40 and wait a day or two. The residual spray can then be warshed off the plastics to not deal with oily, dirt attracting, smelly flammable spray. This typically results a stronger and more flexible plastic. Just don’t overspray onto any painted surface -unless you want paint removed :slight_smile: