MPO Adapter Key Orientation

I am trying to source MPO adapters and a requirement is that they have opposed keys. The two items I am interested in are Product #: OPMB1ANNC1PC & OPMG1BNNC1PC. While the 360 image for both items looks like it does key up on one side and key down on the other I cannot verify this feature in the item description or the datasheet. If anyone could provide confirmation, I would appreciate it.

I am also looking to understand what the difference is between long-eared and short-eared.



The long/short ear matter regards the size of the mounting flanges. I’ve not yet found documentation on the keying matter, but the images would appear to align with the datasheets, and the 360 imaging is an investment specifically to address such questions. I’d be about 95% confident in this case that the item is indeed as pictured.