MYA4503 / 3299-MYA4503-ND has a UHF end, not N-Type

Part MYA4503 / 3299-MYA4503-ND attributes show it as having an N Type Female end, where it actually has a SO-239 UHF female.

The part with the N Type Female is p/n MYA4503N / 3299-MYA4503N-ND.

Please correct the Product Attributes for MYA4503 / 3299-MYA4503-ND.

Also, MYA4506N has the wrong gain. Page says 10.2dBi, whereas the mfr datasheet says 12.3dBi.

Thank you I sent in to Product Information Error

list as N type however it is

UHF Female connector

(N) N Type Female changes to the N type.

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