Mystery capacitor

I’m trying to identify an unmarked capacitor in an AC powered studio type electronic flash. The unit is a Paul C. Buff Ultra 600. It’s 30 years old. The flash won’t fire. I have 3 other identical units, all functioning 100%. I pulled the capacitor board from a working unit, installed it in the non-working unit, and it worked perfectly.

The manufacturer has retired this line of flashes. They no longer service them. The capacitors are shrink wrapped with lettering that says “Paul C Buff,” Nothing else. Nada, zip. The lead technician at the company says those capacitors were made to the company’s specifications. He declined to give me voltage and capacitance info. He declined to send me a schematic.

There are 4 capacitors, through hole solder type. Dimensions are 42 mm diameter by 40 mm length. Voltage of one capacitor on a working unit, fully charged and ready to fire is 170 volts.

I could toss it. But I kinda dislike doing so. Can anybody help me find the identity of this mystery capacitor?