Need Alternative to STM32F746G-DISCO -Pioneer CDJ1000mk3 modification

i´ve got a manual to a mod an old Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk3 with a whole partlist.
Main Part is the STM32F746G-DISCO which is not available since moth.
I am new in this an would like to ask if there is any alternative, maybe the
STM32F7508-DK ?
On Youtube you can find the videos of the MOD by enter “cdj1000mk3 new life”.
there is also a link to the manual.
But i could send it to you aswell, if wanted.

thank you for your help!
best regards

Taking a quick look at the datasheets memory jumps out at me first as a difference. Not sure if this will affect your project.

Here are the data sheet links.



Thanks for your advice and Sorry for the delay!
you are right, the flash memory is not enough i guess.
I´m still searching for an alternative board, anyone else an idea?

For boards using that chip the below links show what I had found.
However you would bee to look them over to see if any would work.

Thanx you very much!
I found this one [STM32F769I-DISCO] with same or better features and will try it.
it´s a little bit harder, i need to find the spots to cut or welder cause its a little bit different.
Thanks again for te fast help!

best regards