Need AM/FM radio based data transmission

I am conducting research in flight safety data processing. I am working to build a prototype of my system. In this system, the flight safety data would be transmitted via AM radio or FM radio link to the ground. Do you suggest any suitable equipment that I can buy to implement the prototype?

The pilots use AM radio to talk to the air traffic control. This link has some bandwidth which can be used to transfer a few bytes of digital data pertaining to flight safety.

I will need

AM/FM radio transceiver
radio transceiver link to PC (USB or NIC)
a software tool to transmit and receive data.

I would also get FM radio equipment separately to test my prototype. FM radio has less distortion and very easy to convert digital to analog and vice versa.

Kindly note I need radio transceivers (transmitters and receivers) as data reception will be required to prove the system is working.


Take a look at this software radio:

ALl of there documentation is located here:


Thanks Robert, I think it should work. It needs Peento Linux that has built-in drivers. After I acquire it, I will try to operate it with Python or C code.