Need help finding self-mate edge mount connector

I need help finding a connector similar to the picture. I don’t need an exact match - just something similar. There is a PN on the connector, but I can’t find anything in searches for that or google images. There is no manufacturer logo/name/mark. I’m not even sure what type of connector to classify this as to start a part search.

The connector is edge mount PCB with contacts on top and bottom. The contacts are feed-through with spring loaded on one side and fixed contacts on the other. These are originally used in a DIN rail module application where they mate with modules on each side to pass power.

Any ideas?

Hi there,
No exact match but similar connecting method → TE Series 1740533

Hello @jhannon,

Welcome to the community. I’d like to see the markings that are on the bottom right photo on top of the connector. Could you provide a photo with those markings?


This is a photo of the whole module (Wago 750 series are all the same).

The markings are actually on the module housing and not on the connector.

I think there is a good chance this connector may be Wago proprietary. As mentioned, I don’t need this exact connector, but something similar with feed thru spring and fixed contacts. The key here is that this connector allows a module to be inserted/removed from a DIN rail easily, but still makes thru contact with modules on each side when inserted.

I have a request in with the Product Manager to see if that associated connector can be purchased separate from the module. How many pieces would you need?


Initially 20 for protos.
1K before end of the year.

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The Product Manager checked with Wago, but they, unfortunately, don’t have anything similar they could recommend. And I don’t see anything similar either with our card edge connectors.


Bummer. Thanks for checking though!