Need help identifying rear speaker connector for TCL Q6510 surround sound system

This connected in a two pin, male, inline, rectangular connector that connects the rear speakers of a TCL Q6510 surround sound soundbar to the speaker system’s subwoofer. I’ve included a picture with light shining through the semi-transparent plastic of the connector in the hope that the users here will be able to glean useful information from the silhouette of the contacts inside.

The connector has dimensions 25mm x 9mm x 4.85mm

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Can you give us a measurement of your contact pitch? That would be the center-to-center spacing from one contact to the next. This would better help us to narrow down the options. One can try to measure this from the center of one hole to the next, but sometimes it’s easier to measure the edge of one position to the same edge of the next position, as shown in the image below.


Tough to get a precise measurement, but it is looking like 4.85mm center to center. Between 4.5mm and 5mm for sure.

Thanks for the reply

That is such an oddball. I don’t recall ever seeing a connector with a release tab that looked like that. I haven’t found anything quite like that, but here’s where it ought to be if we carry it. I filtered out a bunch of stuff that couldn’t possibly be it, based on certain criterion, and those in the link above were what’s left. I looked through it and didn’t see anything that looked like a match, but you might want to run through it yourself and see if I might have missed something.

Thanks for the help. I am thinking proprietary.