Need help with finding a couple of parts

I’m not certain what resistor to purchase to replace these corroded ones.
It says 1.0K Ohm J, 2W, 1N

Also this relay seems to be discontinued/obsolete. Is there another identical relay that will work? It’s PN: G8P-1C4P 22VDC


For the 1k resistor, there are a number of products that would work as alternatives. I reduced my search results to items with a 5% tolerance, flame-proof or flame-retardant coating, and a lower (mostly) ppm for the temperature coefficient value. The power ratings are from 2W to 3W (higher is fine) [ 1k Resistors ]. You may need to check the resistor body length compared to your existing product to avoid an awkward placement on the board.

I did not find an exact replacement for G8P-1C4P on our site. There are some possible functional equivalents, but I’m not sure if there are any that will match the original terminal pattern [ Power Relays ]. If you need the original relay for a replacement, you may need to look for a site that has old stock (or possibly a used product).

Hi Eric,

There is little difference between a 22V and 24V coil, in terms of the range of voltages capable of actuating it, so you should be able to use a 24V coil relay in 99% of applications. Your 22V relay is specified to be capable of actuating the relay with a 16.5V coil voltage, whereas the relays listed below require at least 18V.

With that in mind, I would suggest you consider the following, both of which have the same pinout and form-factor:

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