Need Insulated Stud Panel Mount W/Knurled Knob

Hi All,

I am developing a specially fitted starter battery box for our GoDu dinghies. This box needs to be taken in and out on a semi-regular basis. It will be a fully sealed aluminum box, trying to achieve IP66.

Outboard motor start battery cables come standard with 5/16" ring terminals on the cables. Asking your average boater to change the connector on the cable needs to be avoided.

I am looking for a “Panel Mount” style connector with an insulating knurled or winged knob for the outside removable connection and is designed for an internal connection to the breaker.

And just to make this a little more interesting: it needs to be marine grade. So no ferrous metals.

The attached images are of a DaytonAudio BPWK-G. This is kinda close: but it is a wire binding post and I require a ring terminal connection, also the materials are not for outdoor marine use. But it gives an example of what I am seeking in its form.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am not even sure about what to call this kind of connector so my searches have been very tedious up to this point.


I can find knobs that are clamping.I can’t find anything with a ring terminal or even marine of IP rated. I am not finding anything that would meet your criteria. Though keep this open as somebody else might find something that I did not.

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I can seal the connection if you found one with knobs.
Please share! Because maybe it will give me the perfect keywords even.

Found this example: but it needs better materials and a better knob. Preferably something that the base secures to the box in order to protect it from loosening during use.

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So it seems this is my best option: coupled with a knob.

Does anybody know if these are available from DigiKey??


How about the 965-WLB03ENC40PNT-ND?
WLB03ENC40PNT Amphenol Industrial Operations | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey