Need to find an 8 pin IDC to usb adaptor, and/or usb-c


I’m looking for an adaptor for an 8pin IDC cable to a standard usb. I also need an 8 pin IDC to usb-c. Are there any products that Digikey offers that match this? Here is a link to the product I’m using,

I am also curious as pins 7 and 8 are N/C if I could get away with a 6 pin adaptor?


Hello kgraph - welcome to the Forum community! I am sorry, I did not find that we carry either adapter cable assembly you are looking for.

Hi kgrah,

After looking at the info associated with the PMS7003 particle concentration sensor, I am lead to ask, why you need an 8-pin IDC to USB adapter cable? The communication interface for that device is a 3.3V UART rather than USB protocol.

If you are looking for a device to translate between a UART interface and USB, then perhaps you could use one of these or these to do that conversion…