No USB-C 3.1 chip cable

Hey all are there any such USB-C 3.1/3.2 cables that do not have a chip (E-Mark) inside of it? Just a straight 24 pin to 24 pin connection?

I’m wanting to make a custom PCB and just want 1 cable to be needed to attach it instead of the 2-3 it would take.


Hello tdg1999,

After some research it does appear that these are a thing. I was able to find these USB Cables from Teledyne LeCroy. Unfortunately, it was not something I was able to find available on our website.

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Wow… thats pretty expensive for a cable.

Use of “smart” cables is part of the USB-C /3.x spec. So no, there are no commodity USB-C cables without. Any rare items one might find built that way would be for specialist test purposes, and priced accordingly.

I might suggest a cabling system based on the common 0.1" pin headers or 25-pin D-sub (depending on use) as alternatives for which there are more reasonably-priced cable assemblies available as standard product with a high conductor count. Watch out if going the D-sub route, as many will have pins deliberately cross-connected as prescribed by legacy use cases.

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