NMOS for Full bridge rectifier

Looking to purchase 4 nmos transistors to create a full bridge rectifier but dont know what fet type to purchase. The link below has the categorization for the mosfets. thank you in advance.



Bridge rectifiers are a standard item of trade; to realize the same function using transistors would be an uncommon and rather inconvenient approach.

Pick one having specifications that meet or exceed the requirements of your application. Peak reverse voltage, average forward current, and mounting type are likely to be top items of interest.


I guess my question is more if i just want to buy a nmos transistor which fet type from that list is going to be what im looking for.

Thanks in advance

These would be likely items from the mentioned category. If you’re interested in -a- transistor one of these from the single-fet family might be an option. Array-packaged transistors do offer some advantages in terms of integration but are much more difficult to find alternatives for when things go obsolete or out of stock.