Noble 100k ohm volume pot

Hell, Im looking to replace and or cross reference this Balance pot! The balance pot is a Noble 100k ohms with 8 pins on the bottom which I will show pictures of. I need to find if all 8 pins are being used and if someone could lead me in the rt direction for something to replace it with
Thank you so much!!
Michael R.

Hello michaelrosato1965, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
Looks like the Noble pot is a dual gang, 100K.
Click here for the pinout information, which I found on the internet.
We do not have a cross to this one, but maybe the pinout information will help you to find a replacement.

Hello, David do I need a audio taper or a linear taper??

It doesn’t say it’s a audio taper? It that what I need??

David would a need a audio tapper pot or a linear pot? Remember this a balance control.


If it controls the volume, it will be an audio pot (logarithmic).

Im looking for a balance pot! When it says taper does that mean a balance control? Mine has 8 pins and all i find is 6 pins!
Thank you for your help

When I do a cross all I find a 6 pin APLS. And Im not sure if they are for a balance control?


Hello David,

Thank you I seen that!


I was told that the pot in your picture was not correct and could be a volume pot?
If anyone could help I would appreciate it!!

Decided I’d try to help this morning. I’d skipped it before because it was a somewhat confusing thread given the title and text of the opening post disagree (title=volume, text=balance)

What I’ve figured out is this is a M and N taper pot and almost nobody makes them in the 21st century (date code in the photo 52nd week of 1996).

The only M and N taper pot maker I can find at my normal vendors is Bourns. But they only make it in 250K and 500K.

I think I’d try mounting a 250K Bourns to the front panel and wire it the PCB. I’m pretty sure it will work but it will have little to no hearable difference at the left & right positions that exceed 100K.

It might work better with a 165K resistor in parallel with each pot section to reduce the total resistance of each pot to 100K. However that small of a parallel value may change the taper too much and make it worse.

Data sheet

The only other option I’ve seen is paying about $50.00 US on ebay for a part that might be the right thing.

Thank you for your help first off! What do mean by M and N and the pot won’t work because it’s way to short. Plus please explain the 250k vs 100k. Here is a photo of what Parts Connection sent me and said it would work.
Thank you!

That’s the taper of the balance potentiometer. This is weird dual pot taper where the pots change in opposite directions and are at zero ohms in the center balance position. See data sheet and this:

My answer:

If they sat it will work and it doesn’t cost too much, or they offer a money back return guarantee, then you should try it.