Novice trying to replace old Rubycon YK and MHE capacitors

I’m a novice at electronics and I’m looking to repair a CRT. I’ve pulled some old capacitors off the board and looked up the two series: Rubycon YK and Rubycon MHE. YKs are “general purpose” and MHEs are “high frequency.” Finding spec sheets for MHE was a bit difficult, but I found 30pcs/lot original Rubycon MHE series miniaturized high frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitors free shipping|Capacitors| - AliExpress. Looks like both my YKs and MHEs caps are bipolar. Mind pointing me to the right capacitor categories to look at? I assume that general purpose and high freq aren’t interchangeable, right?

Hello @crunk1,

Thank you for using our TechForum. I do not see specific series of capacitors that would be alternatives to the YK or MHE series you have. Although, we would have possible alternatives to the specific capacitors that you have. But we would need to know the specifications on those capacitors, and even some images of them would help. The options we have would be found in our Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor category.

Sure thing, attaching the pics (dunno if important and kinda hard to tell in the pics, but MHEs are a dark blue/violet, and YKs are black):
YKs front

YKs back

MHEs front

MHEs back


Usually I do not see anything with the high frequency series for capacitors unless in cermamic for RF applications.

Iam going to provide a link for some options I found with the description. This is for the YK series There was no sizes listed so I could not narrow down any more:

Here is the link for the 22uf 250 volts:

This is the link for thed 1000uf 25 volts:

Just look to see what sizes are available and what you can use. It sure would not hurt to try something and see if it works. In most cases it should. Let us know if you need any additional assistance.

Thank you so much for your help! While I’m here, can I ask for one more thing? I forgot to ask about an IC I was recommended to replace as well. I found it on your site, but it is obsolete and doesn’t have any suggested substitutions: and here is the datasheet

This one I have bad news on . I was not able to find an alternative. This one has been obsolete since 2016. I did not see anything to replace it. Sorry.