OBD for Trucks - The J1939 Connector

Occasionally we’re asked here at Digi-Key to locate parts and components to repair or replace the ‘OBD’ connector for a large truck or commercial vehicle. This connector, despite having a similar job to OBD connectors, is actually a different standard under the name “J1939”, and it can be difficult to identify.

The good news is that you don’t have to! We stock the 9-position J1939 connector, TE’s HD16-9-1939S-P080. As a member of TE’s HD10 series, this device uses TE’s Common Contact system, with contacts and tooling easily located in the linked forum post on said contact system. The mate for this device is HD10-9-1939P-P080, which also uses the Common Contact system.

This should hopefully be everything you need to get this connection back in shape on your commercial vehicles. If not, you can always contact Digi-Key’s Applications Engineering department for more information.