Oil pressure sensor

I am searching for an oil pressure sensor/swith for our Onan Generator. I am unable to find searching the model #. Any suggestions?

Hi HarmonysJourney,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. We don’t specialize in generator repair info, so no guarantee we can help, but we would need as much info as you can provide regarding model numbers of the generator and/or the sensor itself if we were to offer any useful information for you. Also, an image or two of the sensor might be helpful.

Generator is an Onan model # OMDL3-3cr/13487a. The EMergency stop DC control breaker won’t stay in on position ( keeps tripping). I think the Oil pressure sensor switch needs to be replaced. I am unable to find the correct replacement part in my search. Any assistance would be appreciated. I will attempt to attach photos of the dc breaker we replaced and the oil sensor

There’s a strong resemblance to the Honeywell 5000 series pressure switches. If a person’s lucky enough to find embossed markings on the original, it may help to ID a specific model number, and markings near the populated terminals may indicate whether the original is a normally-open or -closed type.

From the view of the plastic side opposite the threaded sensor input, we would expect to see either NO (normally open), NC (normally closed), or both, with a metal tab next to the marking, as seen here:

It should also most likely have a pressure rating printed on it, similar to this:


If we can get this, we may have a solution for you or at least point you in the right direction.