Old metal detector capacitor values for replacement

G’day all, have been given an old metal detector that has had a little bit of saltwater ingress through one of the control pots. There is a bit of corrosion on a small section of the PCB affecting some of the capacitors and one or two processors. Thought I might have a go at cleaning it up and replacing the corroded cap’s (circled) but have no idea on how to read the values on them? Also, probably not on topic but, how robust are those processors, should they clean up OK? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The two big ones on the far right are Panasonic 1000uF 25v aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The two smaller ones are Panasonic 100uF, though I’m unsure of the voltages for these as I’m having a problem determining which series these belong to. The big ones I’m pretty sure are p/n EEV-FK1E102Q. The small ones, unfortunately, I am unsure of the exact part numbers, though I’m sure someone else here can probably ID them better.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. The larger caps look like the Panasonic FK series, take a look at Digikey part P124681CT-ND as a possible option. Haven’t found the series on the smaller one to verify the markings, looks like it’s a 100uf, 25v. Doing some more checking, will post when I find more info.

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Looks like the smaller one could be from the Panasonic S series. Take a look at Digikey part PCE4594CT-ND as a possible option. You will also want to verify the dimensions for both to be sure they fit.

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Those options certainly look like they will fit the bill. Will give them a go. Thank you for the info.