Omron XC5 Board to Board Connectors

Does the XC5 series conform to any standards?
Yes, the XC5 series conforms to DIN41612 Specifications

What does fine-fit connector mean?

Fine-fit connector (generally known as a press-fit connector) presses the pin into a plated-through hole on a PCB to connect to the conductive path (i.e. press-fit connection).

Excessive insertion force is required to plug the elastic contact (terminal) into the PCB. Insertion force normally requires a number of Pole x 200N or less therefore will need a dedicated insertion machine or a press-fit machine to have enough force.


  1. The solder-less assembly which helps prevent damage to PCB
  2. Press-fit technology eliminates the need for solder which makes sequencing easier
  3. Backplane system allows connections in multiple layers by using both sides of the PCB


  1. Require dedicated insertion machine and tools
  2. Has limited through-hole tolerance range (on PCB).

What is the difference between XC5 and XC2?

They are generally the same except:

  • Different gold plating thickness. XC5 standard type is 0.4μm and the XC2 type is 0.76μm.
  • Different contact methods. XC5 standard type uses the method of one-sided contact and the XC2 type uses the method of double-sided contact.
  • The housing is slightly different between XC5 type and XC2 standard type due to the design, but in terms of fitting compatibility, they are the same.

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