Oscillator MC1648d replacement part

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I would like to know if somebody could mention a part with the same features of mc1648d “an oscillator which works with a tank circuit” but a newer part because the MC1648d is obsolete.

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum. I did some checking and wasn’t able to find an alternate to offer for this part.

MC100EL1648 would appear to be an updated version of the device with extended frequency range that is still in production, though perhaps not widely in stock at the moment.


Hello Bruno,

You may be interested in the:

This device does feature the external tank circuit you mentioned. However, I don’t know if the frequency will be in the desired range.

Unfortunately, it is unavailable at the time of this writing.

As an alternative, you may want research the work performed by radio enthusiasts such as published by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). They are celebrating their 100th year. You may find a solution in their handbook:

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Hello,thanks alot for the information…

Thanks, the purposed solution is one option…

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Hello, As the the new version of the mc1648 is quite rare can you advise some oscillator IC or circuit in which its frequency is dependent upon a capacitance value in the range of pF and with a range of around 1Mhz to 10Mhz to an alternative solution?