Outline Layer Format in Altium

I am using Altium Designer to generate gerber files for my board and the DKRed tool has rejected my gerber upload stating that there is no outline file. Is there someone I can send my gerbers to in order to check that I have done this correctly or if I need to adjust my layers somehow? Or do I need to also move my board outline to the keep-out layer as well; if so, why?

Hello @vanessa,
For Altium the user needs to manually create an outline Gerber file.
Here is a link to a solution for you: Board Cutout not in Gerber output | Altium Designer | Knowledge Base

Hi @Erik_Brateng,

Thank you for the response. I followed the instructions and it did generate a mechanical layer gerber output file (.GM1), however I still get the error when uploading since it is a mechanical layer output file and not a .gko, .outline, or .profile file.

I suspect you can just rename the .GM1 file to .GKO because Gerber filename extensions have no standard format but many CAM packages base their layer detection on a fixed set of filename extensions.


Thanks! That solved it!