Outline Files in PCB Builder

PCB Builder requires Outline Files for processing.

Altium software doesn’t include the outline immediately. Check out Altium’s Knowledge Base article for instructions on how to create the outline file: Board Cutout not in Gerber output

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These instructions for adding an Outline file with Altium Designer seem clear. However, after following the steps in the linked article, I still get the same Missing Outline File when uploading my Gerber file to DKRed. Any ideas?

Hello @eliotmayer

Thank you for your inquiry. I will contact you directly to discuss further details. I would appreciate if you could provide the necessary files for testing, as we would like to promptly bring them to our development team’s attention. It’s possible that there may have been an oversight on our end, and we want to address it as soon as possible.

@Erik_Brateng @Linzee_1029 I am having the same issue. My Altium outputs contain a .GKO file, a .outline file (copied and renamed .GKO) and a GM1 file (the Altium mechanical layer 1 board outline called out in the tutorial above) and I still get the “no outline” error and cannot use DKRed.

I work in Eagle 7 and use the dimension layer for dkred outline file. Only the board outline should be on this layer. No text or anything else.
Once your zip file is uploaded, you may have to tell the system where the outline file is (assuming it is not .outline)

Boppenheimer is correct.


If your .GM1 or .GKO file isn’t assigned to board outline you can manually assign the layer after file upload.


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I have tried assigning the layer in the board assignments and it still says no outline/ineligible for DKRed in the ordering page. My outline file only has the outer shape of the board and nothing else. Even after I assign the outline layer, the layer view shows a corrupted board outline shape.

It may be our logic in the background that is looking for the outline file, is not looking correctly. I can get this in for a ticket and our developers and test against your files and provide an update in this post.

Which gerber file extension are you using for dimensions? Silkscreen/text?

I typically order from a different vendor and build the .plc gerber to include outline+texts/names/etc/ This works with that vendor but not with DK Red (it used to - until recently). I am just trying to figure out how to build the Gerbers in old Eagle so that DK Red will accept the files.